backpackers delight:vietnam, cambodia and laos-the traveller

backpackers delight: vietnam, cambodia and laos - the

Backpackers Delight: Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos - The

Laos is not cheap to travel as Thailand or Vietnam but by staying in hostel and eating local food you can save on that. The local currency is the Lao Kip; however Thai Baht and USD are also widely accepted. Laos is a special place where you’ll long to return to. CAMBODIA: Cambodia is a fun and cheap destination for backpackers. But what really make it an enchanting destination to visit are its beautiful friendly people.

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backpacker's delight: vietnam, cambodia, and laos

Backpacker's Delight: Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos

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how to plan a vietnam cambodia laos backpacking tour?

How to Plan a Vietnam Cambodia Laos Backpacking Tour?

How to Plan a Vietnam Cambodia Laos Backpacking Tour? Southeast Asia is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in the world. This corner of the Asian continent is big and diverse, offering many great activities for everyone.

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backpacking laos (travel guide updated 2019) - gamintraveler

Backpacking Laos (Travel Guide Updated 2019) - Gamintraveler

Laos Travel Guide Before backpacking Laos Visa. In backpacking Laos, you will need to pay for the visa if you are from USA or most of European countries. You can get visa on arrival if you are coming overland from Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. Prices are around 35-40 USD and you will get your visa in 10 minutes.

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backpacking laos: the ultimate budget laos travel guide

Backpacking Laos: The ULTIMATE budget Laos travel guide

If you’re traveling onward to Cambodia, you can end your Laos travel itinerary on the Four Thousand Islands, right on the border. Laos weather and when to visit Laos . The best time to go backpacking through Laos is in the northern hemisphere winter, when it’s relatively cool and sunny.

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a 3-week backpacking laos itinerary: where to go, costs

A 3-Week Backpacking Laos Itinerary: Where to Go, Costs

You’ll still behold amazingly full and rich waterfalls, and river travel will still be ample due to high water levels. If you’d like to avoid big crowds of tourists backpacking Laos, you might want to take your chances in May or June, right as the rain is returning to the country.

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solo travel in laos - girl about the globe

Solo Travel in Laos - Girl about the Globe

Solo Travel in Laos. Types of Girl about the Globe – Nature GatG, Cultural GatG, Party GatG. As a woman alone in Laos it is really safe to travel solo and an ideal Asian country for independent travellers.

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laos travel and backpacking - the backpacking site

Laos Travel and Backpacking - The Backpacking Site

Their most popular trips in Laos are their 14-day Indochina discovery tour including Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos, or their 9-day Laos on a shoestring tour which travels throughout Cambodia and Thailand.

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the best southeast asia backpacking route: "the legendary

The Best Southeast Asia Backpacking Route: "The Legendary

Southern Laos has a few delights for the intrepid traveller, such as the very popular backpacker hotspot of Four Thousand Islands. However, many travellers who are planning to travel through Vietnam choose to skip Southern Laos and head straight from Vientiane to Vietnam’s capital of Hanoi to begin their Vietnamese adventure.

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indochina - backpacking travel advice > cambodia, laos

Indochina - Backpacking travel advice > Cambodia, Laos

Backpacker types seems to stick to the new town of Luang Prabang (old city is a bit expensive, on budget travel South East standards) and to Vang Vieng (which is a major traveller hang-out). The improvement of the road network in Laos has changed the route of the typical tourist trail in recent years with a more north-south trail forming.

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