top selling antioxidant-food ingredients in sri lanka

sri lankan food: 40 of the island's best dishes

Sri Lankan Food: 40 of the Island's Best Dishes

On top of that, Sri Lanka is a country that loves their deep fried snacks. These snacky morsels of batter were heavily salty and seasoned with fried curry leaves. Coconut Roti and Chili Salt 33. Coconut Roti and Chili Salt. This little gem of a snack was purchased on the train from Colombo to Kandy.

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the best places to buy natural skincare products in sri lanka

The Best Places to Buy Natural Skincare Products in Sri Lanka

Green Leaf Herbals has been producing natural and cruelty free products in Sri Lanka for years. Their soaps, shampoos, massage oils and lotions use all-natural ingredients and botanicals. Green Leaf Herbals has a collection based on Sri Lankan teas, and also have a wonderful wellness collection based on the world famous Ceylon cinnamon (not to be confused with generic cinnamon).

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10 must try dishes and street food of sri lanka

10 must try dishes and street food of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is such an amazing country to experience the fascinating people, culture, traditions and cuisine around the country. Food is a very important facet of daily Sri Lankan lifestyle and everything centers around making the best available dishes from shopping every day at a local market, preparing the ingredients and then making the food.

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top 10 best most popular sri lankan food dishes – trip to

Top 10 Best Most Popular Sri Lankan Food Dishes – Trip to

Other Sri Lanka sweetmeats include Kaludodol (a rich, dark, confection made from coconut milk, jaggery and cashew nuts), aluva, pumpkin preserve (puhul dosi) and Panivalalu (honey bangles). 4- Kottu Kottu is very popular street fast food in Sri Lanka.

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rabeena food - srilanka food export

Rabeena Food - Srilanka Food Export

We aspire to be one of Sri Lanka's best food processing companies, industry renowned for stringent quality control. We develop and deliver high quality food to consumers across the world and in doing so we partner with farmers resulting in the creation of capabilities that are environmentally-sensitive and community-focused, thereby enabling sustainable development.

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Our powder plant packs over 475,000 packs of milk powder every day, including some of Sri Lanka’s favourite dairy brands Anchor, Ratthi, Anlene and Anchor Pedia Pro. Our liquid plant processes about 40,000 litres of local milk every day, turning it into fresh dairy products for the Anchor and Anchor Newdale brands, including UHT milk, flavoured milk, set yoghurt, stirred yoghurt and curd.

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what is sri lankan food? here are the 7 dishes you need to

What Is Sri Lankan Food? Here Are the 7 Dishes You Need to

Lamprais ("lump rice") If you didn’t know Sri Lanka was a tropical country (and a stunning one at that), then this rice-in-a-banana-leaf delicacy will make it clear. It’s an all-in-one meal, prepared with all your Sri Lankan basics, such as curried vegetables, spices like cinnamon, lemongrass, and cardamom, and rice.

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top 10 foods to try in sri lanka | bbc good food

Top 10 foods to try in Sri Lanka | BBC Good Food

Fish ambul thiyal (sour fish curry) This peppery fish dish originated in Southern Sri Lanka as a method to preserve fish. Cubed fish (usually tuna) is sautéed in a blend of spices including black pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, garlic, pandan leaves and curry leaves. The most significant ingredient is dried goraka,...

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best whitening creams in sri lanka - for sale - sri lanka

Best Whitening Creams In Sri Lanka - For Sale - Sri Lanka

Get the best deals on Best Whitening Creams In Sri Lanka ads in Sri Lanka. We have 10 Best Whitening Creams In Sri Lanka ads under For Sale category. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy festive season!

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home -

Home -

Avoid the traffic, long queues, the annoying squeaky carts and what not! For hassle free online grocery shopping and doorstep delivery visit Colombo and suburbs free delivery

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12 top foods & dishes you must try in sri lanka | just globetrotting

12 Top Foods & Dishes You MUST try in Sri Lanka | Just Globetrotting

The quintessential dish of Sri Lanka is a nutritious plate of rice and curry. Curries are everywhere, from roadside cafes to hotel buffets and everywhere in between.We then enjoyed them together with 2 of the friendliest locals in Sri Lanka. We highly recommend doing a cooking class with these ladies at

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list of food ingredients companies in sri lanka

List of Food Ingredients Companies in Sri Lanka

Position : Home ›› Food Ingredients ›› Sri Lanka Food Ingredients.commission agent for food ingredients to supply in srilankan xxxxx in 2003 currently representing Robertet flavor and fragrance company, ADM for soya lecithin and so on.

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12 foods you should try in sri lanka | cnn travel

12 foods you should try in Sri Lanka | CNN Travel

Kottu is Sri Lanka's hamburger -- everybody's favorite go-to fast food when craving something tasty and greasy.Sambol is a term used in Sri Lanka for ingredients that are combined and eaten raw, sometimes more of a chili sauce and sometimesDo Not Sell My Personal Information. Your Privacy.

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products | sri lanka | bio foods pvt. ltd.

Products | Sri Lanka | Bio Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Bio Foods is a leading processor and exporter of internationally certified organic, biodynamic andIt also has the highest caffeine content of any type of tea, and contains antioxidants which helps in theOrganic coconut products. We in Sri Lanka know the coconut tree as the ‘tree of life’.

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top 10 best most popular sri lankan food dishes – trip to sri lanka

Top 10 Best Most Popular Sri Lankan Food Dishes – Trip to Sri Lanka

Other Sri Lanka sweetmeats include Kaludodol (a rich, dark, confection made from coconut milk, jaggery and cashew nuts), aluva, pumpkinKottu is very popular street fast food in Sri Lanka. It is made of shredded pieces of Sri Lankan paratha bread that are stir fried with an assortment of spices

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top antioxidant food in india: stay forever young | credihealth blog

Top Antioxidant food in India: Stay Forever Young | Credihealth Blog

Antioxidant food in India; Different types of antioxidants include vitamins A, C, E, beta-carotene, lycopene, selenium etc.Turmeric, a common food flavoring and coloring agent, carries an ingredient called curcumin, which has proven to interfere with the development and spread of cancer.

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the 10 best sri lanka food & drink tours - tripadvisor

THE 10 BEST Sri Lanka Food & Drink Tours - TripAdvisor

Top Food, Wine & Brewery Tours in Sri Lanka, Asia.“ better prices than if you purchase in a tea factory, for example for the antioxidant rich White Tea, which is mild“If you are planning to come to Sri lanka ,this is the place wihich you should visit, learn how to make local food, eat one of the most

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10 reasons why sri lanka is the perfect foodie destination

10 Reasons Why Sri Lanka is the Perfect Foodie Destination

While Sri Lanka’s reputation as a tropical paradise attracts plenty of surfers and beachgoers alike, travelersRead on to see SISL’s top 10 reasons why Sri Lanka is every foodie’s dream!8. Fresh, seasonal ingredients are the norm.Everywhere in Sri Lanka, you will encounter markets and stalls

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food manufacturing companies in sri lanka

Food Manufacturing Companies in Sri Lanka

Well, undoubtedly Sri Lankans love to eat good healthy food and explore new taste. Sadly, the country lacks in great extent to the availability ofOne can easily import their desired goods and beverage from neighboring countries or parent country and sell them directly to the local markets in Sri Lanka.

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growth prospects in the food processing industry in sri lanka | daily ft

Growth prospects in the food processing industry in Sri Lanka | Daily FT

The Food Processing Industry (FPI) in Sri Lanka is one of the emerging and lucrative industries in terms of production, consumption, export and growthAbout 35% of milk produced in Sri Lanka is processed. Fisheries sector The export of marine products has steadily grown over the years to Rs.

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