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6 emerging corporate innovation trends of 2018

6 Emerging Corporate Innovation Trends of 2018

As the corporate landscape shifts dramatically, S&P 500 companies are facing more threats than ever. It’s not just peer companies of similar size -- international corporations now have to deal with the threats posed by small companies and startups. Startups aren’t going away.

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latam accelerator report 2016 by gust

Latam Accelerator Report 2016 by Gust

The Latam Accelerator Report 2016 provides an exclusive inside look at accelerator programs in the region. This report is a follow-up on the 2015 Accelerator Report and aims to explain how the accelerator industry is evolving in the region, how accelerators support their activities, and how they impact local and regional tech startup ecosystems.

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são paulo: the brazilian innovation ecosystem is ready for

São Paulo: The Brazilian Innovation Ecosystem Is Ready For

With a population of nearly 15 million people, half of Brazil's billionaires and accounting for 18 percent of the country's GDP, São Paulo is often referred to as the country's innovation powerhouse.

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lavca accelerator & company builder directory

LAVCA Accelerator & Company Builder Directory

The 500 Startups accelerator program is a 4-month program which provides access to mentorship, hands-on sessions with startup experts, and office space. The accelerator investment is US$100k net of fees (or US$125k gross) for 5% of the company. It hosts the accelerator program in Mountain View, San Francisco and Mexico City.

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home - 500 startups

Home - 500 Startups

“Every day at 500 Startups is a master class in how to build a kickass startup.” @CynthiaSchames “500 Startups changed our company’s trajectory.” @thebernieyoo “Having everyone working out of the same space pushed everyone to be better and iterate faster.” @georgefavvas

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how 5 south florida business schools are trying to stay

How 5 South Florida business schools are trying to stay

The Leadership Accelerator Program, for example, is an intensive course concentrating on leading self (leveraging the totality of an individual and engaging in self-reflection), strategic focus ...

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Its share of the total Brazilian GDP is about 3.8%. The Federal District has the largest GDP per capita income of Brazil US$25,062, slightly higher than Belarus. The city's planned design included specific areas for almost everything, including accommodation, Hotels Sectors North and South.

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spx | s&p 500 index | marketwatch

SPX | S&P 500 Index | MarketWatch

The Dow Jones Industrial Average soared more than 330 points, or 1.2%, to end at around 28,869, the S&P 500 index closed up 0.8% at 3,258, while the Nasdaq Composite Index jumped 1.3% to 9,092 ...

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Brazil is the only country in the world that has the equator and the Tropic of Capricorn running through it. Brazilian topography is also diverse and includes hills, mountains, plains, highlands, and scrublands. Much of the terrain lies between 200 metres (660 ft) and 800 metres (2,600 ft) in elevation.

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culture of brazil - history, people, traditions, women

Culture of Brazil - history, people, traditions, women

Brazil has long had a public health system, but like other social programs that primarily serve the poor, it is vastly underfunded. In the early 1990s, per capita spending on health care was only about $50 annually, a paltry sum for a system on which over 60 percent of the Brazilian population depends.

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500 seed program - 500 startups

500 Seed Program - 500 Startups

Portfolio. Programs. Seed Accelerator.We invest $150k in exchange for 6%. We charge a $37.5k fee for participation in the 500 Seed Program.CONTAAZUL. Quickbooks for Brazil. Winc. Superbly crafted wines delivered to your door.

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a look at all the companies participating in 500 startups’ 24th

A look at all the companies participating in 500 Startups’ 24th

TechCrunch has an exclusive look at the companies participating in 500 Startups‘ 24th startup accelerator batch, which kicked off last week. Through its four-month seed program, the Silicon Valley seed fund invests $150,000 in exchange for 6 percent equity.

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m accelerator program in los angeles, design, bootstrap

M ACCELERATOR program in Los Angeles, Design, Bootstrap

Take one of the programs at M ACCELERATOR in Los Angeles to Design you Idea, Bootstrap and Fund your Business Idea. We offer hands-on courses for global entrepreneurs, managers, and motivated international students for Business Abroad Study programs in California and Los Angeles.

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announcing the 500 startups uruguay accelerator - 500 - medium

Announcing the 500 Startups Uruguay Accelerator - 500 - Medium

The 500 Montevideo Accelerator Program will prepare 20 Uruguayan and international…The 500 Montevideo Accelerator is part of a series of international programs 500 Startups is launching to bridge Silicon Valley with burgeoning startup ecosystems around the world.

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apply to accelerators in brazil that help your startup grow. it's all free.

Apply to Accelerators in Brazil that help your startup grow. It's all free.

São Paulo, Brazil. Global Acceleration Program.Estarte.Me Accelerator. Porto Alegre, Brazil. Funds Startups in Gaming, Mobile, Software.

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six startups primed to disrupt the sports industry thanks to 500

Six Startups Primed To Disrupt The Sports Industry Thanks To 500

Yet 500 Startups greatest value is not just in helping fund fledgling companies, but rather incubatingThe fixed-term, cohort based program goes beyond the traditional notions of business incubatorsAs part of 500 Startups spring 2016 cohort are six companies that are poised to revolutionize the

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accelerator application: how we got into 500 startups

Accelerator application: How we got into 500 Startups

Top US Accelerators according to Techcrunch. 500 Startups missed the cut since they make investments outside of their accelerator program.Post-launch programs in the US and Europe. This is the category where accelerators like DreamIt Ventures, ERA and Startup Wise Guys fit in.

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ia's startup accelerator program

IA's Startup Accelerator Program

12-month startup accelerator for companies located outside of the U.S.Accelerator Program. IA is designed to help non-US founders to raise funds and expand their startups in the US. Duration. You can expect to receive strategic guidance during your 12-month acceleration experience.

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our program - prosiebensat.1 accelerator

our program - ProSiebenSat.1 Accelerator

The program offers start-ups comprehensive coaching & support and provides entrepreneurs with 1.3 million in media volume.The ProSiebenSat.1 Accelerator is a leading program to support start-ups. We provide min.The total package is offered in form of a convertible note valued at EUR 500k.

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ghv accelerator | the accelerator program


The Accelerator Program plays a pivotal role post incubation and pre-VC, wherein the necessary resources and controlled environment enable the startups to build scalability and achieve healthy business metrics in order to reach the Series A funding in a shorter time frame.

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