rubber composition containing hydroxyl at brazil

us6251992b1 - rubber composition containing hydroxyl

US6251992B1 - Rubber composition containing hydroxyl

This invention relates to a rubber composition comprised of a combination of cis 1,4-polyisoprene rubber and at least one liquid hydroxyl terminated polyalkylene polymer and to such a composition being sulfur cured. The rubber composition can also contain an additional diene-based elastomer. The rubber composition contains reinforcement as carbon black or as carbon black and/or silica together with a coupling agent. The invention also relates to a tire having a tread of such rubber composition.

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ep1101794a1 - rubber composition based on rubbers

EP1101794A1 - Rubber composition based on rubbers

Rubber mixture comprises 100 pts. wt. of a rubber containing 0.1-3 wt.% hydroxyl and /or carboxyl groups and 5-500 pts. wt. hydrophobicized, oxidic or silicate filler and optionally other rubbers, aids and crosslinkers.

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rubber chemistry


styrene rubber, CR is chloroprene rubber, EPM is ethylene-propylene rubber, BR is butadiene rubber etc. Also some other letter can create a part of abbreviation, and these closer characterize appropriate rubber, e.g. OE-SBR is oil extended styrene-butadiene rubber, L-SBR means styrene-butadiene rubber produced by

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composition of molecules containing alcohols - news

Composition Of Molecules Containing Alcohols - News

Alcohols solvent molecules contain hydroxyl groups, polarized, poor solvent power than esters and ketones, esters and ketones into mixture. N -butyl alcohol is a colorless transparent liquid , mellow taste , soluble in water and most organic solvents , alcohol , ether , anesthetic effect than ethanol , and dissolving urea formaldehyde resin , polyvinyl acetate resin , short oil alkyd resin , etc .

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study of plasticizer diffusion in a solid rocket motor´s

Study of plasticizer diffusion in a solid rocket motor´s

Most of the solid composite propellant composition contains approximately 15 weight percent of a polymeric . resin of hydroxyl terminated polybutadiene (HTPB), 80 weight percent of the solids: ammonium perchlorate (AP) and aluminum powder (Al) and five weight percent of additives as cure agents, burn catalysts, stabilizers,

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tire having sidewall of rubber composition containing

Tire having sidewall of rubber composition containing

The tire of claim 1 wherein said sidewall rubber composition is sulfur vulcanized and said hydroxyl terminated ethylene/butylene backbone copolymer is a part of the sulfur vulcanized rubber network of said sidewall rubber composition.

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valspar patents low voc coating. - free online library

Valspar patents low VOC coating. - Free Online Library

Valspar patents low VOC coating. Link/Page Citation ... reacting the isocyanate groups of the polymer with a hydroxyalkyl acid in which the hydroxyl and acid groups are separated by at least four atoms or with a diol having both the primary hydroxyl group and a secondary hydroxyl group and then with a cyclic anhydride and hydroxyethylene ethyl ...

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rubber | chemical compound | britannica

Rubber | chemical compound | Britannica

Rubber. Formed in a living organism, natural rubber consists of solids suspended in a milky fluid, called latex, that circulates in the inner portions of the bark of many tropical and subtropical trees and shrubs, but predominantly Hevea brasiliensis, a tall softwood tree originating in Brazil.

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low compression set silicone rubber - dow corning corporation

Low compression set silicone rubber - Dow Corning Corporation

This invention relates to a silicone rubber composition comprising (A) a polydiorganosiloxane having a gum viscosity and at least 2 alkenyl groups per molecule, (B) a fume silica filler, and (C) a hot air-vulcanizing organoperoxide catalyst, the improvement which comprises the addition of (D) trialkylsilyl terminated a silicon composition containing at least two .tbd.SiH groups, whereby a curable silicone rubber composition which has an improved compression set after curing by hot air ...

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natural rubber

Natural rubber

The rubber particle is an enzymatically active entity that contains three layers of material, the rubber particle, a biomembrane and free monomeric units. The biomembrane is held tightly to the rubber core due to the high negative charge along the double bonds of the rubber polymer backbone.

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wo/2000/059994 rubber compositions containing hydroxyl groups

Wo/2000/059994 rubber compositions containing hydroxyl groups

SCHOLL, Thomas TRIMBACH, Jürgen. Title: Rubber compositions containing hydroxyl groups. Abstract: The invention relates to rubber compounds that contain rubbers polymerized in solution with a secondary hydroxyl group content of 0.1 to 5 wt

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rubber compositions containing hydroxyl groups - pubchem

Rubber compositions containing hydroxyl groups - PubChem

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rubber composition containing hydroxyl terminated - pubchem

Rubber composition containing hydroxyl terminated - PubChem

US6255397 chemical patent summary.

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rubber composition having a crosslink distribution

Rubber composition having a crosslink distribution

11. A rubber composition containing a combination of at least two types of crosslinks is provided comprised of: (A) at least one diene-based elastomer, and rubber reinforcing fillers comprised of: (1) precipitated silica, (2) rubber reinforcing carbon black, or (3)

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preparation of silica reinforced polyisoprene-rich rubber composition

Preparation of silica reinforced polyisoprene-rich rubber composition

The rubber composition may contain natural rubber. Suitable alcohols for such purpose are indicated to be primary, straight chain, saturated alcohols such asIn practice, where said coupling agent is said ω-mercaptoalkylalkoxysilane having its mercapto moiety blocked from pre-reacting with said hydroxyl

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development of solid rocket propellant based on isophorone

Development of Solid Rocket Propellant based on Isophorone

The preparation of Liquid Natural Rubber (LNR) by chemical degradation Deprotenized Natural Rubber (DPNR)contain an elastomeric matrix to encapsulate the high energy solid. particles. HTPB based PU is amongstThe new solid propellant will combine a composition of Ammonium perchlorate, NH

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rubber composition containing - translation into | reverso context

rubber composition containing - Translation into | Reverso Context

Translations in context of "rubber composition containing" in English-German from Reverso Context: A rubber composition containing nanoscaled zinc oxide particles.A rubber composition containing precipitated silica having an aluminum content of 0.01 to 0.1 wt%.

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hydroxyl group - definition and quiz | biology dictionary

Hydroxyl Group - Definition and Quiz | Biology Dictionary

A hydroxyl group is a functional group that attaches to some molecules containing an oxygen and hydrogen atom, bonded together.Also spelled hydroxy, this functional group provides important functions to both alcohols and carboxylic acids.

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classification tests for hydroxyl- and carbonyl- containing

Classification Tests for Hydroxyl- and Carbonyl- Containing

Organic Chemistry Lab Report: Classification Tests for Hydroxyl- and Carbonyl- Containing Compounds.Perform the test with acetone and acetaldehyde. Classification Tests for Hydroxyl- and Carbonyl- Containing Compounds Discussion of Results: The term hydroxyl group is used to

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hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene

Hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene

Hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene (HTPB) is an oligomer of butadiene terminated at each end with a hydroxyl functional group. It reacts with isocyanates to form polyurethane polymers. HTPB is a translucent liquid with a color similar to wax paper and a viscosity similar to corn syrup.

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