november 2013-myjs blog in germany

november in german culture and history – the german way & more

November in German Culture and History – The German Way & More

November: The Mourning Month and Its Fateful Dates. The first two days of November are significant in the Christian religious calendar. November 1 is All Saints Day (Allerheiligen). November 2 is All Souls Day (Allerseelen). In Germany, most of Europe, and all over the world where the western Christian church is dominant, these two days are devoted to remembering and praying for the “faithful departed.”

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how to dress for winter in germany – the german way & more

How to Dress for Winter in Germany – The German Way & More

How to Dress for Winter in Germany It’s hard to tell what the weather will be like day-to-day in Berlin . You can wake up to bright sunshine, leave your Wohnung (apartment) amidst deep fog and return home to an epic downpour.

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how do you say ‘blog’ in german? - the new york times

How Do You Say ‘Blog’ in German? - The New York Times

In Germany as in America, it is easy to make fun of such people. But as the German sociologist Ulrich Beck noted recently, cosmopolitanism is a reality, not a willfully chosen identity.

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the ultimate road trip itinerary in bavaria, germany

The Ultimate Road Trip Itinerary in Bavaria, Germany

Day 1 and Day 2 – Munich. Begin your epic road trip in Germany by flying into Munich. If you’ve opted for a flight on a European budget airline, chances are your flight will land at Memmingen airport, 100 kms away from Munich. Pick up your rental car and drive to Munich.

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first time to germany? practical tips to plan your travels

First Time to Germany? Practical Tips to Plan Your Travels

First Time to Germany? Practical Tips to Plan Your Travels. ... your this blog makes me more excited to plan a trip for Germany. Nice Blog post ... what is the use of Eurail pass,shud we book train tickets in advance by online or do we get at the station itslef,november iam planning to germany on tourist visa,i will be planning for 10days,so i ...

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11 best christmas markets in europe

11 Best Christmas Markets in Europe

Germany. Frankfurt Christmas market dates: 23rd November to 22nd December 2016. Frankfurt is the embodiment of the perfect German Christmas market: a stroll through the iconic Römerberg square can cause the Grinch in all of us to get into the Christmas spirit. Is it the charm of the ancient buildings? Or the consequence of sampling too much glühwein?

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packing list for germany - tripsavvy

Packing List for Germany - TripSavvy

Stop for a minute and look at this helpful packing list that features must-have travel goods for your trip to Germany. For rain, for sun, for snow, for Oktoberfest, for Germany's many different seasons - sometimes all in one day - this packing list for Germany is an essential element of planning your trip to Germany.

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berlin: avoid these 7 first-time tourist mistakes when

Berlin: Avoid these 7 first-time tourist mistakes when

Although many visitors assume all of Germany is yodeling like crazy at Oktoberfest and constantly donning dirndl and lederhosen, these are actually traditions from the region of Bavaria (in the south of the country). Wearing a dirndl in Berlin would be the same as decking out in full cowboy regalia in Chicago. ... Read more on her blog ...

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15 magical reasons to visit germany in the winter

15 Magical Reasons to Visit Germany in the Winter

Germany has groomed some of the best skiers and ice hockey players out there, so it’s no wonder that there are plenty of winter sports opportunities in the country. Every winter, the locals spend their free time skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, snow hiking, and ice-skating.

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germany itinerary: where to go in germany by rick steves

Germany Itinerary: Where to Go in Germany by Rick Steves

The Martin Luther towns (Erfurt and Wittenberg) and Leipzig fit well as midpoint stops if you're connecting Frankfurt or Nürnberg with Berlin or Dresden. Berlin merits several days more. Hamburg isn't on the way to anything in Germany, but it's a worthwhile detour to see a thriving, historic German port city. By Train Only

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november – 2013 – study in germany blog

November – 2013 – Study in Germany Blog

Study in Germany - Land of Ideas. . . Toggle navigation.Home › Blog › Archive for November, 2013.

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myjs jewellery | my jewelry story - affordable luxury jewelry

MYJS Jewellery | My Jewelry Story - Affordable Luxury Jewelry

MYJS Charms Carrier Hoop Earring. Eternity Hoop Earrings.The MYJS Sponsored Bride Program. PERSONALISED.

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free tuition in germany not attractive for all foreigners | dw | 24.02.2017

Free tuition in Germany not attractive for all foreigners | DW | 24.02.2017

"Only Germany still offers university tuition with no fees," reported many media outlets on Thursday. Given that 2017 is an election year, such a statement has the potential to reignite a long-standingIn Germany, higher education is free, except for semester fees that cover administrative costs.

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november | 2013 | all abroad: germany

November | 2013 | All Abroad: Germany

Monthly Archives: November 2013. And Zen… Posted on November 10, 2013 by natalie492. I’ve been in Erfurt for a month now and to mark the occasion I’ve come up with something a bit different, as you’re probably getting bored of me rambling on and on!

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ten of the best english-language blogs in germany the local

Ten of the best English-language blogs in Germany The Local

Back to Ten of Germany's best English blogs».Trials, tribulations and tips on motherhood in Germany from Sarah, otherwise known as the Working Berlin Mum. Her blog is a well-established go-to for coping in the capital with kids.

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internet: running a blog, homepage in germany 2016 | statista

Internet: running a blog, homepage in Germany 2016 | Statista

This statistic shows the results of a survey on the number of internet users who wrote a blog or ran their own homepage in Germany from 2013 to 2016.IfD Allensbach. "Number of Internet Users Who Write a Blog or Run a Homepage in Germany from 2013 to 2016, by Usage Frequency (in Millions)."

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12 reasons why november is the best month to visit munich

12 Reasons Why November is the Best Month to Visit Munich

Additionally, November (and the winter that follows) in Munich promises several special attractions that make a trip totally worthwhile.Munich is home to the biggest and circus in Europe, and it springs into spine-tingling action in November. The Circus Krone tent, in its high-end tent equipped with

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news blog + germany | news | the guardian

News blog + Germany | News | The Guardian

November 2013.German elections blog 2013. Merkel must ensure Germany takes a strong moral stand against NSA spying.The Joris Luyendijk banking blog goes native in Germany Finance in Frankfurt: respect for the freelancer, and less bullshit.

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expat blog – the german way & more

Expat Blog – The German Way & More

Expat Blog. How Generous Are the Germans? Germany and Altruism.Of course there are as many kinds of expats in German-speaking Europe as there are expats. Every expat situation is unique. However, that won’t stop us from identifying various types of English-speaking expats in Germany by

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politically incorrect (blog)

Politically Incorrect (blog)

Politically Incorrect (commonly abbreviated PI) is a mainly German-language Counter-jihad political blog which focuses on topics related to immigration, multiculturalism

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