"A lanscape does not exist in its own right, since its appearance changes at every moment, but the surrounding atmosphere brings it to life - the light and the air which vary continually. It is only the surrounding atmosphere which given subjects their true value."
- Claude Monet
(French Painter, Initiator and Leader of the Impressionist Style, 1840-1926)

Inspired by the quote, our concept focused on translating Golden Trellis structures into apparatus or installations within the landscape for experiencing its eternally varying beauty brought to life by surrounding atmosphere. The entire architectural language for the project has been developed on this concept. Defining the corner terraces as fine edges between the elements and platforms for experiencing the varying landscape. The vertical bands with adjoining glazing panels rise straight towards sky blend into the canopy at the terrace, resembling free standing vertical screens or trellis in the large landscape. All the corner masses are curved to soften the sharpness of the structure in order to blend it within its immediate surrounding. The horizontal bands on the curved masses provide a visual continuity and balance through out the landscape and continue till the corners evolve into floating double height decks or edges as we define them. The vertical curved towers facing the courtyard give individuality to each structure while the connecting terraces maintain the continuity and shade the fa├žade, creating cool areas outside the structure. The most striking aspect of the Golden Trellis is the progression of outside garden spaces into inside enclosed spaces like glass entrance lobbies, stilts and parking. Each space is connected to the other by living things, such as plants, trees, flowers and the flow of people.